We offer personalized instruction in the following areas:

  • Strength Training                                           
  • Total Body (Weight Watch)
  • Cardio Fitness
  • Speed and Agility
  • Maya Program**
  • Fuego  Program**
​       ** Please stop by our office to request further in details for these 
           top-of-the-line customized programs.
​​​​​​​​​​JLTaekwondo Academy
"Beginning of a Joyful Life"
Hourly Rates for Private Lessons (two-on-one setting) On-Site  at      JL Taekwondo Academy :

- Individual Lesson ($150 per hour per person)

- Block of 5 Lessons   ($125 per hour per person)

- Block of 10 Lessons ($100 per hour per person)

- Block of 15 Lessons ($75 per hour per person)

- Block of 20 Lessons ($100 per hour per person)

Come in to JL Taekwondo to watch or even tryout one of our classes. You are sure to be inspired!
RTP Lunch Break Training 

JL will accommodate for your busy schedule with a great workout program including cardio training, kick boxing, and mixed martial arts. Our program is designed especially for RTP employees looking for a quick energy boost during their lunch break. 

Cost: $150 per month (3 classes per week) Or $35 per class(walk-in with no appointment)

Lunch Hour Training starts at 12-1pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Make-up class is available on same day at 7:20 pm.

Here’s what you get:

1. Certified Experienced Trainer

2. Fun, High-Energy Workouts

3. Mixed Martial Arts including real "practical" self-defense

  • cious enough to provide maximum safety in the training environment.
  • Renovated, state-of-art facility.
  • Large lounge area for parents and other visitors to watch the classes in session.


Personal Training/Private Lesson...

This is exclusively for those who desire private, personalized kick boxing or all martial arts training in a two-on-one setting.  Although it is widely accepted that personalized instruction is the most effective teaching method, unfortunately, the vast majority of martial arts schools don't even make it an option.  However, we offer private lessons with one of the best instructors in this area with a fully-qualified program. You receive customized instruction, focusing on your unique individual traits and allowing you to learn at a pace that's right for you. Whatever your current fitness level, we will create a customized plan to meet your personal needs and goals.

We may be new to Morrisville and Cary but we are far from

new to taekwondo, an exciting Korean martial arts!  Master B.Y. Yoon

and H.W. Jung has been learning and studying taekwondo their entire life. 

He has brought a lifetime of learning to his students over the past

15 years of teaching martial arts, self-defense and weapons.

Our philosophy is hard and have fun!  Our taekwondo

academy welcomes students of all ages and all fitness levels. 

Whether you are looking to develop confidence in your Little Dragon

or looking to learn an exciting martial art for yourself. 

JL Taekwondo is the place for you.

Important facts about our martial arts academy:

  • 1 - 3 Class / week
  • Multi student discounts
  • Families are welcome and encouraged to join in the fun together!
  • Free trial period to ensure our academy is the right fit for you.

​​For more information on our curriculum by belt,please click here.