"Beginning of a Joyful Life"
Family Class                                                     

- All ages!  Spend quality time learning together!
Competition Team "Olympic Sparring"       

- Put your pads on and practice what you've learned in a safe environment! 
  yellow belts and higher only.


JL's Home School Program

Taekwondo Classes

This program has been designed for home schooling students.
We offer not only Taekwondo lesson but teaching physical/
mental strength through this class.
No contract is neccessary! Ask for the sibling discount.
Adult Ages 18 and up                                    

- Beginning and Advanced Classes; for those looking for exercise,
   self defense training and learning taekwondo.
- Advanced Classes; focus on leadership skills, teaching others, as well as
  advancing martial arts skill.
Self Defense for Women
Test Skills Private Lessons                                                                                 
- “Private Lesson” is for all students who want to improve their Forms,
  Self-defense and/or Breaking technics. There is no extra charge applied.
Little Dragons Ages Up to 3 - 6 years old

- For the little ones just starting out up to one year experiences.
Children 6 - 11 years old                               

- Beginning and Advanced Classes, offers a great way  to start getting
  flexible and exercise. Having fun!
Demonstration Class

- Develop your skills and put them on stage for the crowd. 
  You will learn gymnastics and flashy moves!
Teen 12 years old & up                                 

- Beginning and intermediate Classes; focus on confidence, learning respect,
detailed martial arts training.
​Come learn the basics of self defense.  Confidence awaits!
​​​​​​​​​​JLTaekwondo Academy


Black Belt "Elite" Program                             

- For those who have earned the rank of black belt and want to take their 
  their training much higher.
4031 Davis Dr., Morrisville, NC 27560