​​​​​​​​​​JLTaekwondo Academy
"Beginning of a Joyful Life"


Black Belt "Elite" Program                             

- For those who have earned the rank of black belt and want to take their 
  their training much higher.
​Come learn the basics of self defense.  Confidence awaits!
This program has been designed for home schooling students.
We offer not only Taekwondo lesson but teaching physical/
mental strength through this class.
No contract is neccessary! Ask for the sibling discount.
Children 6 - 11 years old                               

- Beginning and Advanced Classes, offers a great way  to start getting
  flexible and exercise. Having fun!
Test Skills Private Lessons                                                                                 
- “Private Lesson” is for all students who want to improve their Forms,
  Self-defense and/or Breaking technics. There is no extra charge applied.
Location: Cary / Morrisville
4031 Davis Dr., Morrisville, NC 27560
Adult Ages 18 and up                                    

- Beginning and Advanced Classes; for those looking for exercise,
   self defense training and learning taekwondo.
- Advanced Classes; focus on leadership skills, teaching others, as well as
  advancing martial arts skill.
Teen 12 years old & up                                 

- Beginning and intermediate Classes; focus on confidence, learning respect,
detailed martial arts training.
Family Class                                                     

- All ages!  Spend quality time learning together!
Competition Team "Olympic Sparring"       

- Put your pads on and practice what you've learned in a safe environment! 
  yellow belts and higher only.
Little Dragons Ages Up to 3 - 6 years old

- For the little ones just starting out up to one year experiences.
Demonstration Class

- Develop your skills and put them on stage for the crowd. 
  You will learn gymnastics and flashy moves!
Self Defense for Women


JL's Home School Program

Taekwondo Classes