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JL Taekwondo Academy is a premier school for learning Taekwondo in Morrisville and Cary area.  Taekwondo continues to be the fasting growing and one of the most recognized martial arts in the world!  GrandMaster Jung, Master Mitch, Master Shawn, Master Shin and Master Eunae with more than 20 students leaders are teaching and supporting all areas of this exciting martial arts!


From those seeking basic fitness to those wanting to train in weapons, we have something for everyone.  You can start your "Little Dragons" at any age or come out for the adult classes yourself. We have many different classes to fit every busy schedule! Please also check our top-of-the-line black belt programs who want to join as a black belt.

For those who want to practice form by yourself, Please visit the following site.......

Meet Our Masters.

JL Taekwondo Academy
"Beginning of a Joyful Life"
Why JL Taekwondo Academy is the BEST
1. Has the most number of masters & paid instructors at the same location in North Carolina.
   => allows us to fully cover all classes and students
2. Has "No Contract" based payment policy
   => hassle-free contract allows parent to lessen

        the financial burden
3. Has Top quality programs including the Black Belts
   => provides fully-qualified curriculum from beginners 

        to Black belts
4. Has Flexible schedule and daily classes for all belts
   => offers the ability for students to attend other activities                   without any conflict

Our school also offers other activities:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Lunch Hour Program for Home Schooling Students
  • JL's Self-Defense Program for Women
  • Summer Camp 2014
  • Personal Training

Please contact us for the detailed information about the Best Taekwondo Summer Camp at Morrisville and Cary area.

Here is exciting summer camp schedule in 2014.

4031 Davis Dr. Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 467-1234


ATU National Taekwondo Championship Update...
On June 21, 2014 two of our adult students, Terri Wilkinson and Melissa Cokely, competed in the 2014 American Taekwondo United (ATU)
National Taekwondo Championship in West Orange, New Jersey.  JL Taekwondo Academy is pleased to announce that Terri Wilkinson was
awarded the Gold Medal in Form and Melissa Cokely was awarded the Gold Medal in Sparring for her age group.  Melissa also competed in
an exhibition sparring match in a lower age group and was awarded a Bronze Medal. 

Congratulations Ladies!!
Respect in the Dojang – Etiquette and Rules
As a student of the Martial Arts, it is important to always show respect for your school, Master instructors, senior belts and fellow students. To assist in helping you understand the etiquette of the Dojang, please accept this guide sheet and follow accordingly.

Please click here to read.........

​Upcoming Belt Testing Schedule

August 9th(Saturday)   1:00 pm ~ 2:00 pm - All Juniors/Adults and Children's purple belts and above

August 23rd(Saturday) 1:00 pm ~ 2:00 pm - Little Dragons and Children's White/Yellow Belts

                                  2:30 pm ~ 4:00 pm - Children's Green/Orange/Blue/H. Blue/Brown Belts